East Street Cloggers


The East Street Cloggers are a dynamic group of dancers specializing in an Appalachia folk dance called clogging.  Cloggers dazzle audiences using music from country to pop and funk, and recently have added Irish clog in the style of "Riverdance."  The East Street Cloggers are a highly acclaimed group of authentic Cloggers that excite audiences everywhere they go.


Ron Cisneros - Lead Choreographer


Ron Cisneros provides the creative vision for Galena Street East's annual productions of Holiday Tapestry.  His very impressive career includes many years dancing with Disney and television, as well as, working in television and movies with personalities like Lucille Ball, Andy Williams, and Elvis Presley.  He worked as the assistant choreographer for the world tour of the Wizard of Oz.  He has been honored 11 times by Sacramento's Elly Awards for outstanding choreography and direction.

East Street Gang


East Street Gang is a boys group of singers and dancers between the ages of thirteen and seventeen.  Performers in this group learn to harmonize their voices and develop their dancing ability.  Audiences enjoy their performances of barbershop music as well as doo-wop music from the 50's and 60's.  The boys perform at convalescent hospitals and for community functions.

International Children's Chorus


Performers in this group wear authentic cultural costumes from all over the world as they sing and dance about world peace and brotherhood.  Performers range in age from five to fourteen.  This group often performs at conventions, schools, community organizations, and social clubs.  Children's Chorus is the entry-level group preparing the children to audition for the next performance group.



Allegro is a female group of singers and dancers between the ages of thirteen and seventeen.  This is a preparatory group that leads to auditioning for the touring company known as Galena.  Performers in this group concentrate on developing vocal and dancing ability.  The girls' vocal selections include a wide range of popular songs from the 50's through the present time, including dances from ballet to pop and funk.

Richard & Jeri Clinger - Founders\Artistic & Musical Directors


The Clingers are the originators, directors and driving forces of Galena Street East. Entering their forty-third year with Galena, they create the artistic concepts, musical arrangements and then develop the talent for this highly energetic group of young performers. The Clingers have distinguished musical and theatrical careers and bring years of professional experience to Galena. With degrees in Music and Special Therapy, they both have received honors for outstanding work in their respective fields.

Who We Are

Galena Tour Group


This group of students from tenth grade through seniors performs for conventions, schools, community organizations and social clubs.  Tax deductible donations are used to defray costs of production and to develop the talents of Galena Street East members.  Our cast members change annually through a process of open auditions which are usually held at the end of May.

Honored & Recognized by:

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former Governor of California

Fireside Choir


The Fireside Choir is a musical performing group of young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20.  This choral ensemble has been presenting inspirational musical programs throughout Northern California and the world for the past 42 years.  The youth in Galena Fireside represent multiple Christian denominations and are dedicated young adults who sing of family unity, love for our country and a better spiritual life for all.

Wow Galena Street East was absolutely amazing!...It was great of you to grace us with your incredible talent and wonderful performance.

California's performing arts community thrives because of dedicated groups like yours who give our youth the opportunity to express themselves through dance and music.

Maria Shriver

Former First Lady of California

  • Office of the California State Governor

  • Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

  • City of Sacramento

  • The KCRA "A" List "Best Theatre Group"

  • Sacramento Magazine "Best of Sacramento"